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in the beginning .. Once upon a time there was a mean ogre named Jeremy Crow who lived under a bridge, and he would spend all of his time grumbling and bumbling about how lonely he was. He made this problem worse as he would come out from under his bridge to harrass the town folk who tried to cross his bridge and demand that they all pay a toll. Soon enough nobody wanted to cross his bridge anymore. One day a fairy princess named Carrie came along to cross the ogre’s bridge and he hopped up to confront her and demand she pay the toll, but she had no money or goods to pay the ogre with. This made the ogre angry, but the fairy princess had an idea on how to solve both of their problems and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She offered the ogre the greatest thing she had and he thought it over for a bit and decided it was too valuable to give away for just a bridge crossing, but the fairy princess again insisted. More and more the ogre and the fairy princess argued over her greatest thing and his bridge to cross until finally the ogre realized all along what the fairy princess was trying to do. She was trying to give the ogre her heart, or argue with him long enough to never leave. The ogre realized that he didn’t have to be lonely anymore if he just took the fairy princess’ heart and gave her his own in return, and didn’t make her cross the bridge but allowed her to walk under the bridge with him.
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